Gratitude Report 2021 – 2022

You are part of something special.

Dear friend,

Memories linger like snapshots in our minds. Years later, we can relive the hot summer day we saw an elephant splashing in the pool or an orangutan building a lofty nest in the shade. Zoos have the power to inspire a connection with wildlife, a power nurtured in shared memories of days when something exciting waited around every corner.

You are a part of something special. As an Oregon Zoo Foundation supporter, you’re advancing our zoo’s amazing work locally and globally. At the same time, you’re helping people create their own lasting zoo memories.

Each year, in our annual report, we look back at some of the best examples of your generosity in action — to show how you make a world of difference.

The task is easy because your support — through memberships, donations, corporate sponsorship, volunteer service and more — sustains vital work and helps the zoo advance its mission.

This year, you kept the lights on and you filled the barns with nutritious, high-quality hay.

You helped hatch endangered California condor chicks, and you nurtured tiny caterpillars that would transform into brilliant butterflies. You funded new equipment in our veterinary hospital, fed rescued sea otters and you inspired a young person to learn more about majestic lions Zawadi, Neka, Kya and their counterparts in the wild.

This year’s Gratitude Report is about one single day at your Oregon Zoo: Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022. Everything you read here happened because of you.

Thank you — we’re lucky to have you in our herd!

With gratitude,

Oregon Zoo's lion named Zawadi Mungu.